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Planning permission for 20m mobile phone mast on Weoley Hill

We have received notification from the City Council that they have received a planning request for a 5G mobile phone mast which is being requested to be positioned in the central reservation outside the Village Hall. We are, as you might well imagine, quite shocked by this as we believe that this will be completely … Continue reading "Planning permission for 20m mobile phone mast on Weoley Hill"

Environment Agency Back Down in Face of BVT Legal Action and Local Outrage

 Bournville Village Trust has just posted this on their Facebook page  Update on Bourn flood risk management: Today we’ve met with the Environment Agency to discuss the notice that was served for exploratory works planned at Weoley Park, Manor Park and Valley Parkway in Birmingham, on 23rd May. The EA have told us that following … Continue reading "Environment Agency Back Down in Face of BVT Legal Action and Local Outrage"

EA Flood Update #4 May 18/05/2024

This is the latest edition of the excellent EA Flood Update Bulletins from Friend of Manor Farm Park There has been a flurry of news to update you on, unfortunately none of it positive. Outstanding queries to the EA On 24th April, the Friends of Manor Farm Park emailed our EA contact, Delyth Evans, with … Continue reading "EA Flood Update #4 May 18/05/2024"

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